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About Therapy

There can be many reasons why someone might choose to look for a therapist, for example you may be

  • Feeling low, anxious or unsatisfied with life
  • Feeling that you do not fit, that others do not understand you
  • Feeling that life is better for others, and that it is unfair that life does not work like that for you?

    and many more...

    Why choose to see a therapist when you could talk to someone close to you? Seeking support from family and friends can be hugely important, however...
  • Have you confided in someone who has tried to solve your problems, however their solution does not feel right for you?
  • Have you ever spoken to someone about how you are feeling and ended up feeling irritated and misunderstood?

    The effectiveness of therapy comes from creating a trusting relationship between a therapist and client, where the client feels safe enough to share their inner thoughts and feelings without judgement. Through this relationship a client can develop a raised self-awareness of what is going on for them. It is through this awareness that we can take control of our lives, and make changes for the better.

    When we work together, you set the agenda, you can choose to talk about past or current issues; we can work on what you feel is the most important for you to deal with at a time that's right for you.

    The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it - Moliere

    Gemma Jones - Bourton Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Market Hill Therapy Room, Buckingham 07835 508266

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